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Under Armour Mouthguard

 Studies of mouthguard users and nonusers have consistently shown that mouthguards offer significant protection against sports-related injuries to the teeth and soft tissues. Mouthguards provide a resilient, protective surface to distribute and dissipate forces on impact, thereby minimizing the severity of traumatic injury to the hard or soft tissues.  Studies have shown that the overall injury risk was found to be approximately 2 times greater when a mouthguard was not worn, relative to when mouthguards were used during athletic activity. A study of collegiate basketball teams found that athletes wearing custom-made mouthguards sustained significantly fewer dental injuries than those who did not.



Under Armour Performance Mouthware is a new, patented category of performance gear designed for all athletes and is currently in use by many professional athletes. Not only does it help project teeth and jaw from injury, but it also provides stability for the Tempromandibular Joint (TMJ). When athletes train and compete, a natural reaction is to clench and grind. This clenching compresses the TMJ which triggers the release of hormones, such as cortisol, which can cause stress and fatigue. Performance Mouthware decreases stress-related clenching, opens the airway, and reduces the G-force impact of blows to the jaw by 20%.